Exercise is something most of us loathe, but when you are trying to lose weight there is no way of excluding it from the plan. One of the best exercises to lose weight is running. There is no additional equipment needed for it, so it is also budget-friendly. Running is one of the best ways to burn those extra calories your body is storing.

If you are a beginner start with brisk walking or moderately paced jogs. Your body will start adapting and you can increase the intensity of your routine when you feel like you need more of a challenge. Include variations of speed in your running routine. Try out 5 minute jogs at first and increase the speed and time gradually. Slow down to a brisk walk if you find yourself getting breathless. Sprinting will help to engage your core muscles and is of higher intensity to the body at short intervals of time.

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A popular routine is the Fartlek Sprinting Routine, which starts with a 5 minute jog, and is followed by a 10 second sprint and 50 second jog. If you feel good about that, try upping the level to 20:40 ratio instead of 10:50.

If you are willing to go the extra mile, go ahead and add a couple of short workout routines like using a jump rope. Your body is constantly learning your routine and adapting to it and can hit a plateau in your weight loss. So you should mix in some variations of different exercises so as to continue losing weight.

Don’t skip your breakfast and go on a morning run. A lot of people assume that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight fast but that is not the case. When you skip breakfast, your body, that has not had a meal since dinner, feels like it won’t get food and hence starts storing up more fat. Skipping breakfast is not an option and we can’t stress this enough. For a lot of runners out there, a fast paced work out of 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour feels enough for the day and helps them lose weight in a healthy and paced manner.

Along with running, do try to maintain a balanced and healthy diet which will aid in your journey to lose weight. Don’t expect miraculous results, weight loss is a long journey and you must be motivated enough to follow your routines to see a change in you. Trust us, the effort you put in yourself, will be completely worth it.