How to use weed killer

How to use weed killer

Growth of weed on your property can be quite irritating because of the damage it causes to the overall appearance of the location where it begins to grow. This makes it important to address its growth as soon as you notice it.

Here are a few tips to learn how to use a weed killer effectively: 

Use the right quantity: When making use of weed killers, it is important to make sure that the chemical is being used in the right quantity. Using an excessive amount of the chemical can not only be harmful for the environment but will also prove to be quite expensive for you. Most weed killers come with instructions on how to use them. You must follow them to see the best possible results.

Select a proper sprayer: Use a sprayer that is resistant to the effect of the weed killer. Select a pressure pump sprayer that ensures even spread of the chemical to have access to the hard to reach parts.

Dilution: The recommended dilution rate for your weed killer is 1 part weed killer and 100 parts of water. This can be changed to 2 or 3 parts of weed killer and 100 parts of water if the weed to be eliminated is stronger and longer. Also find best weedkiller uk here

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